End of year awards and the Importunateness of Employee Recognition

End of year awards and the Importunateness of Employee Recognition - 31/12/2016

There are many different things that motivate employees in the workplace, common factors that keep them going include opportunity for promotion, opportunity to learn new things and financial stability to name a few but one motivator that if often overlooked and could possibly be the most important is employee recognition.

Employees that feel their contributions and hard work are being noticed and appreciated are much more likely to have job satisfaction, and when an employee knows that they are being recognised they will make more effort to improve and exceed in what they do.


An important aspect of employee recognition is its ability to increase their desire to stay with the company. If you are constantly losing employees and hiring new ones the cost of training the new employees isn’t cheap and you will have to invest your time and trust in to someone you are yet to get to know.

Whereas if you can make all of your employees feel appreciated you may never have to search for any new people to fill their roles, instead you will be able to nurture your loyalist employees in to the next generation leaders of the company.

The Awards

Giving out corporate awards at an end of year ceremony is a great way to show your recognition and will last a lot longer than just a verbal comment. The awards needn’t be complicated; sometimes the simplest of awards will go a long way, whether it’s just for having a perfect record of attendance or for the most sales made, as long the reason is sincere and noteworthy it will work.

Yes it will cost you but compared to the cost of hiring and training new employees as mentioned above, customized awards in the form of trophies, plaques, medals, nameplates are only a fraction and what you will potential get out of it is essentially priceless.

Keep your best people and increase overall employee confidence by giving out corporate awards near the end of the year.

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