The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup - 01/11/2017

The town of Melbourne was only a mere 5 years old when the first race meeting was held on the flats of the Maribynong River in March 1840. Since then it has started commencing on the first Tuesday of November and from 1875 that date has been made an official public holiday for the city so everyone has chance to enjoy the spectacle (This has only been interrupted due to the 2nd World War in 1942, 1943 and 1944 where the race was held on a Saturday instead).

The first race held had 4,000 people attend but by 1880 it would see an attendance of 100,000 revellers coming to see the race. Melbourne’s own population was only around 290,000 at that time so it was a fairly exceptional amount to be attending with people even coming from the country and other Australian colonies.

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In 1962 the Myer Fashions on the Field competition started at the races, initially to encourage and attract more female attendants, it had 3 levels of category; best outfit £30 or under, best outfit £50 and over and most elegant hat. This part of the race day has now gone on to establish itself as one of Australia’s most prominent outdoor fashion events and attracts celebrity judges and media coverage from across the globe, giving the industry the opportunity to showcase their goods to both men and women who want to indulge.

Starting this year at 3pm on the 7th of November, there will be a total of 10 races all over a variety of distances and with various value prizes up for grabs.

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The most sought after of these obviously being the stunning 18 carat gold trophy easily identified by its three handled design.

The first trophy that was awarded for the race was in 1865 but it wouldn’t be until 1919 until we had the trophy that we know today. Made from 44 pieces of gold metal that have all been hand beaten for more than 250 hours, the trophy was first commissioned by the VRC and manufactured by Drummonds Jewellers. In 1980 the making of the cup was then handed over to the Hardy Brothers Jewellers who still follow the same processes that were first started in 1919 to make and maintain the trophy.

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